Welcome to our School

Aldershot Elementary School is located on the outskirts of the town of  Kentville, the home of the famous Apple Blossom Festival. We are near Canadian Forces Camp Aldershot.

We are a Primary to Grade Five school with 265 students and 12 classrooms. 

The school is a one storey brick building. Each classroom is equipped with instructional technology and sound systems to enhance student learning.  Our building is fully wheelchair accessible.

Our playground is called Aldershot Community Park and is open to the community for use until dusk after school hours.  Our students, parents, PTA members, community partners and staff members have spent many hours maintaining and upgrading the playground area and the school grounds. 

Our school's mascot is a male lion named Alden.  His presence as he visits from class to class reminds our students to be respectful towards their fellow students and the adults in the school. Alden also keeps a watchful eye on our students and delights  in rewarding children who show respect for:

- themselves

- others

- their learning, and

- the environment. 

Alden encourages the 3Cs that support our school community:  Caring, Courtesy and Cooperation.



Current News and Announcements
  • October is Attendance Awareness Month at Aldershot Elementary

    School attendance - which includes arriving on time - is a critical part of success for students in school.  At Aldershot Elementary, the students are part of tracking how many children are in school and on time each day in the month of October. 


    Why are we focusing on this with the students? ....

    - Because we feel it is important to recognize and celebrate good and improving attendance.  Getting everyone up and ready for school is not easy for busy families!  We know it takes work and organization to get the children to school every day on time.  


Block Content

Daily Schedule

7:45 a.m.               Students arrive

8:05 a.m.               Classes begin

10:05 a.m.             Recess begins

10:25 a.m.             Classes resume

11:55 a.m.             Gr. P-2 lunch

                             Gr. 3-5 outside

12:15 a.m.             Gr. P-2 outside

                             Gr. 3-5 lunch

12:40 p.m.             Afternoon classes begin

2:15 p.m.               Students are dismissed